FREE Hot Breakfast Buffet!

Annual Breakfast Event Sponsored by CFW

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A Culture of Generosity for Your Church

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Wednesday, May 23rd

Arrive early (6:50 AM Buffet open) for a wonderful hot breakfast buffet!  Your ticket for this event will be included with your nametag upon registration check-in. 

A Culture of Generosity for Your Church!

When Generosity is embraced as part of our Christian journey, God's resources are aligned and dedicated naturally!  Hear from two MCWR Churches how they are transorming their church's culture to embrace Generosity.  Initially "not so sure" how this would be seen and accepted, they will share their stories and the growth that is happening as a result of becoming more intentional.

This promises to be an engaging conversation, with the opportunity for YOU to ask questions about their initiative!

CFW will announce new program services for Legacy and Planned Giving Support to all MCWR churches and ministries, and we of course will announce details about our upcoming Fall Conference in September and the 2019 Cultivating Generosity Grants Program!

(Complimentary for all "PULSE...Creating Contagious Health" 2018 Conference Attendees.  Online registration required or call our office at 805.523.9085) 

 Be there Wednesday, May 23rd from 7:00 - 8:00 am in the Main Ballroom!