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Alliance Defending Freedom-Sexual Orientation GI Handbook

Sexual Orientation Gender Identitiy (SOGI)-Handbook_AllianceDefendingFreedom PDF.  Policy recommendations for Sexual Orientation for churches/non-profits.  A Legal Guide for Churches, Christian Schools, and Christian Ministries. 

Approved Ministries Directory

Approved Ministries/Recognized Groups Web Directory rev. 06/2018

Authentic Discipleship - Conference Report 2016

Authentic Discipleship - Conference Report from John Broersma, pgs. 50-51 in 2015 Journal.

Authentic Discipleship - Conference Report 2018

2018 Authentic Discipleship - Conference Report by John Broersma

Authentic Discipleship - Report 2017

Authentic Discipleship annual report 2017 submitted by John Broersma, journal pages 2-44 thru 2-45

Background Check Price List-MCWD Program
Firewall Screening Group MCWD Background Check Price List (effective May 1, 2013). Handout in packet at DC2013.
Background Check Program Flyer
Background Check Program Flyer. 2 page color PDF brochure included in packets at DC2013 by Firewall Screening Group
Becoming a Part of the Missionary Church

revised 7/2015 Becoming a Part of the Missionary Church document posted in journal

BY-LAWS MCWR rev.2013

MCWR BY-LAWS rev. 2013 as printed in Journal pgs. 4-3 - 4-10.


C2A (COMMISSIONED 2 ACTION) FIELD MANUAL 2015.  32 page Training Manual from the 96th Annual Regional Conference featuring RLM Team: Eddie Bateman, Dr. Virgil Grant and Blake Whiteman.

C2A-2015-Quotes & Concepts - 1:2

Commissioned 2 Action (C2A) 2015, Selected quotes and concepts worth unpacking from conference 1 of 2.  Developed by LOCC May 19-21, 2015

C2A-2015-Quotes & Concepts - 2:2

Commissioned 2 Action (C2A) 2015, Selected quotes and concepts worth unpacking from conference 2 of 2.  Developed by LOCC May 19-21, 2015

Candidate Requirements for Licensing-MCI & MCWR

Candidate Requirements for Licensing with Missionary Church, Inc. & the Western Region (revised 08.2017)

CFW Breakfast Seminar Flyer - PULSE 2018

Information for the Hot Breakfast Buffet, Weds. May 23rd at 7 am held at PULSE 2018 Conference...Sponsored by CFW.  Registration required.

Church Leadership Syllabus - WRPI

WRPI Church Leadership Class syllabus starting January 18 - March 21, 2016.

Church Multiplication Annual Report 2015

Multiplication Director's Annual Report to the Regional Conference.

Church Multiplication Annual Report 2016

Church Multiplication Director: Dave DeVries Report to the Regional Conference May 2016 (page 2-41-43).

Church Multiplication Director's Report May 2014
Dave DeVries Church Multiplication Director's report May 2014. Printed in directory
Church Multiplication Directors Report - 2016

Church Multiplication Director's Report to conference by Dave DeVries 2016, pgs 2-41 - 2-43 in Journal.

Church Multiplication Directors Report - 2017

Church Multiplication Directors Report  from Dave DeVries, journal pgs 2-39 thru 2-40

Church Multiplication Directors Report - 2018

Church Multiplication Directors Report by Dave DeVries 2018

Church Planting & Training Resources

Church Planting Resources page 4-12 from 2018 Journal.

Churches & Pastors Directory

MCWR Churches & Pastors Directory rev. 07/2018

Commissioned 2 Action Invitation Letter
2015 Western Region Conference: Commissioned 2 Action Invitation Letter - May 19-21, 2015.
Commissioned Discipleship Wheel - Large

PDF table exercise and Discipleship Wheel with questions that you worked on as a team. The original size was a 36" x 36" wheel but the PDF has been scaled to fit a letter size printout which you may want to enlarge.

Commissioned Field Manual 2014
Commissioned 2014 Field Manual. Training & conference materials used during speaker sessions.
Committee Appointments Directory

2017- July 31, 2018 MCWR Committee Appointments Web Directory  rev. 06/2018 

Crisis Consulting, Intl (CCI) Conference Report 2016

Crisis Consulting Int'l (CCI) Conference Report 2016 submitted by Bob Klamser, pgs 2-52 - 2-53 in Journal.

Crisis Consulting, Intl (CCI) Report 2017

Crisis Consulting Int'l (CCI) annual report 2017 submitted by Bob Klamser, pgs. 2-46 thru 2-47

Crisis Consulting, Intl (CCI) Report 2018

Crisis Consulting, Int'l (CCI) report submitted by Bob Klamser.

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