The Missionary Church, Inc., Western Region

Became the Missionary Church, Inc., Western Region - Legal name change Feb. 10, 2014

Became the Missionary Church, Inc, Western District

Became incorporated and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and the State of California as a 
non-profit organization.

Under jurisdiction of the General Conference

Became known as the Western District

Recognized as a District with the first District Superintendent: SD Burkey. Known as the California / Arizona.

First churches established in the Missionary Church Association: Denair Missionary Church, Denair CA and First Missionary Church of Pheonix, AZ


Regional Director of the Western Region:

2014-Present    G. Michael Livingston

District Superintendents of the Western District:

1919-1924        SD Burkey             California / Arizona District
1924-1926        John E Lauby
1926-1927        GJ Kliewer
1927-1928        SD Burkey
1928-1929        Joseph Greider, Western District, MCA
1929-1930        SD Burkey
1940-1944        DF Siemens
1944-1952        Edison Habegger
1952-1956        Tillman Habegger
1956-1973        Roy Ramseyer, Missionary Church, Inc., Western District
1973-1977        Joseph H Kimbel
1977-1989        Donald M Taylor
1989-2013        G Mike Livingston

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