The Missionary Church invites applications from qualified candidates for the Regional Director position of the Western Region. 

The Director’s purpose is to give leadership to the churches, pastors, ministries, and conferences of the Western Region.  The Director’s responsibilities are recruiting, resourcing, coaching and developing Mission District Directors, movement leaders and other catalytic leaders, and accomplishing the vision and mission of the Western Region.

Applicants must have experience serving in a Senior/Lead Pastor role for a minimum of 7 years in a medium or large church.  They must have a minimum education of a Master’s degree or equivalent.  And they must meet the requirements of a Missionary Church, Inc. Ordained Pastor.

Interested Candidates can fill out an application and send in a resume by going to this:

Online Application Link

Download a PDF copy of the Regional Director Job Description.

For more information or questions please contact the Regional Director Search Team at: